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Cathleen speaks on a variety of subjects aimed at inspiring individuals to take immediate action toward healing their lives. Her lectures are designed to help individuals show-up in their lives more fully engaged, centered, and productive. Popular topics include:


  • Motivating CEO’s, inspiring employees, and guiding individuals to overcoming past challenges
  • Creating a healthy and productive work environment
  • Overcoming distraction in your life and your workplace
  • Finding hope, healing, and support after a traumatic event in your life
  • Healing after sudden death


Cathleen customizes her speeches to fit the exact needs of you, your organization and your employees.  If you are interested in becoming a motivated CEO, inspiring employees, and guiding individuals to overcome past challenges, contact Cathleen today.



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Cathleen L
Cathleen L
We are being encouraged to let go of control and trust that the universe has a plan and we don’t always know what that is. Allow, trust, and be open to what might be. Whatever it may be, it’s in our highest good. #trust #believe #divine #spirituality #allowinglifetoflow
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Change is your friend and it can benefit you. Come into harmony with it so you can co-create your greatest dreams. Adapting isn’t about losing yourself, it’s about learning how to dance with others. #dance #cocreate #listen #gowiththeflow #life #change #divine
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Step into your future and dream about all you could be. Dream big and then don’t hesitate because you have all the resources you need to be whatever you believe in. #believe #live #dream #divine #youhavethepower #loveyourself