Self Transformation-5 Ways to Jump Start Your Day

2018-07-10 12:00 - 13:00

Learn 5 simple ways to enhance your life.

Join me on this 1-hour Zoom call to start a new daily practice. Learn why the tools I give you are so important and why action is the key. Sign up today!

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Cathleen L
Cathleen L posted 7 photos.
I feel so blessed to have @cestlavievt with me on this important move. I@miss all my friends in VT and Danielle is making it a bit easier to adjust. Thankful to be by my daughter @ashleyvoyer
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Virginia showed us some love yesterday. Had a copilot that was great! Thanks @cestlavievt Now finishing up some stuff to fine tune my new home in Charlotte NC!
Cathleen L
Cathleen L was live.
Cathleen L