Moving from Isolation and Loneliness to Joy and Happiness

I recently moved to Charlotte NC, 1000 miles away from where I grew up and lived for more than…well, all my life. I left a profession I enjoyed, as well as my friends, family, and home.  I decided that I was going to pursue my dreams of becoming a leader in intuitive advisor, emotional fitness…

The storm from within

Have you ever thought about why you continue to think about the storm within?  Focusing on only the negative in your life?  Sometimes it may feel like the only thing that is happening in your life is negative. Do you think you create that? I can say that I never believed for one second that…

Messages from heaven

Have you ever wondered if your loved one is ever watching over you from above?  I certainly have and I have received the gift that I was looking for from him.  Usually when I am aware, I can feel his presence or see something that reminds me of him.     Several months after my…

My First Love ❤

Yesterday I had the opportunity and blessing to be able to find time to go for a ride on my bike.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining, 65 degrees and very little traffic.  All I could think about was how much I loved being out there and how much I enjoyed riding my bike. …

Believing in more than what you think you see

Over the past week I have been spending a considerable amount of time in nature.  I have to admit; I don’t mean taking long peaceful hikes or walks along the beach.  I am talking about traveling from place to place, sitting on my amazing deck looking at all the green mountains and the nature that…

Does time really heal?

March is a month that will forever bring a chance for me to reflect on the life I have lived and what the future may bring.  Seven years ago today my son took his life.  Sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible it’s been that long. At the same time, when I allow myself to think…

Smile, it’s the first step in the rest of your life

This morning I woke up with the thought in my head “what a beautiful day”.  I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet and could feel the excitement within about facing the day.  I had nothing special planned for the day other than to be happy! While lying there smiling and enjoying the sun shining on…

On losing my son and finding inspiration for life

Looking back, I believe I lived through those challenges in order to get through the biggest, most difficult and most painful of them all –my son Logan taking his life at the tender age of 19. After I received the news about Logan, I had so many conflicting emotions, thoughts and actions flow through me,…



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Cathleen L
Cathleen L
The storm is almost over when the rainbow shows up. Keep moving forward and know things are about to make a positive turn. Don’t give up! #believe #light #stepforward #positivechange #cocreate #divine #listen #act #move
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Partnership is a give and take...exchanging energy is the key. How much are you giving? Too much, too little or just the right amount. Foster good relationship #relationships #partnership #love #exchange #give #recieve
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
This is a time of abundance. Believe that there is always enough and more. #believe #abundance #love #life #cocreation