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Emotional Wellness Expert | Author | Trauma to Triumph Specialist | Grief Expert | Business Consultant

Take the next step, Redesign your life now

Are you ready to experience more joy in your life?

More love?

More abundance?

If you answered “yes” then you’re in the right place.

Elevate Employee Performance

Grieving employees are often distracted employees.  What does that mean for you?  Less productivity, less efficiency, and less engagement.  It’s not their fault.  They just haven’t learned how to manage their grief and fellow employees have no idea how to respond to it.  If you’re ready to boost your team’s performance, efficiency, and your bottom line, then contact Cathleen today.

Live Events & Speaking

Cathleen is a sought after inspirational speaker who has spoken before small intimate groups and large gatherings. Cathleen speaks on a wide range of topics, with each speech customized for your audience. Mixing humor, empathy, and straight-talk, Cathleen delivers engaging speeches that leave people inspired, empowered, and ready for action.

Redesign Your Life

You’ve worked hard to redesign your life; to heal your grief and trauma; to experience a life filled with more joy, love and abundance.  Now it’s time to take your journey to the next level.  Allow Cathleen to teach you more tools, more strategies, and more methods so you can continue to redesign and create the life of your dreams.

What People Are Saying

Don't take my word for it...

“Every once in awhile, you get to be in the presence of true grace, thank you Cathleen L for sharing your journey. You, my friend, are amazing.” 

Cheryl Edwards

“It was unbelievably moving to be in the room with so many that have suffered, but leaving feeling "blessed" that our journey has begun.”

Diane Palmer

“Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are my idol. I pray that someday I'm where you are and sharing my story and helping others like you have.”

Nashanda McGee Browman


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Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Take a risk, step out of your box, and explore the unknown. Toss caution to the wind and know your instinct is right! Go for it. #trust #divine #trustyourintuition #intuition
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Dreaming doesn’t get you there. Be prepared to work toward your goals. Live your goals by doing Affirmations visualization as well as creating and taking action steps toward those goals. There is always enough. #goals #affirmations #visualization #takeaction #action #divine #dream #live #letgooffear
Cathleen L
Cathleen L
Take a look at your life from all angels (a complete circle ⭕️). In order to manifest the best for all. Are you clinging to the past, are you still in toxic relationships or environments, do you know your worth, and then set direction for your future. Perfect timing as the new year approaches. #reflection #observe #cleanse #goals #relationships #connect #divine #loveyourself #love